Bonus for all Bitwells users
To welcome our new users and thank our regular users, each user is eligible to apply for the 100% deposit bonus. The more you deposit, the more bonus you can get. For example, you deposit 1BTC and followed the instruction of the event, then you will receive a 1BTC bonus.
step 1
Fill out the 100% deposit bonus claim form
step 3
bonus rules
step 2
Deposit record in this month(single recharge greater than 0.001BTC)
Time Amount

Bonus rules

1. The bonus will be displayed in your account system and cannot be withdrawn. However, the profits generated by the bonuses can be withdrawn.

2. When the net account value is < reward * 150%, the system will notify the user to make a margin call. If the user does not make a margin call in time, the bonus may be removed.

3. If the user trades with different pairs, the margin and profits will be converted and settled in BTC.

4. Bitwells has the right to take back bonuses and block accounts for malicious or fraudulent users. Bitwells reserves the ultimate right to interpret the bonus campaign.