About Us

Bitwells is a digital currency financial derivatives trading platform focusing on the Bitcoin market, providing futures leveraged trading of mainstream digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. The company is registered in the UK and is jointly developed by Internet experts, cryptocurrency traders, and financial professionals.

Professional Trading Platform
Accurate Quote
15+ market makers to guarantee the market liquidity and immediate transaction, which provide an accurate price.
100x Leverage
It is lower than the margin maintenance ratio of all platforms in the market, which maximizes the leverage of 100x, and limits the risks.
Transaction Security
The super transaction engine and strong basic support provided by Amazon ensure that users' every transaction is accurate, fast, and safe.

Our Mission

We have been committed to establishing a new order for digital currency financial derivatives transactions, and through continuous innovation and learning, we have expanded the financial transaction content of digital currencies. We will provide users with a better and faster trading platform. With accumulating professional financial and Internet knowledge and increasing service consciousness, we can meet the transaction users in this digital currency era.